Q) Why do you call it Multimaterial?
A) The SPAX fastener has patented features lends itself to perform in plastics, concrete, light gauge sheet metal (24ga.) and hardwoods.

Q) What does Unidrive mean?
A) Unidrive is a( Phillips/Square combo) drive system for the SPAX fastener. The user has the option of either using a Phillips drive bit or a square drive bit to install the SPAX fastener.

Q) Where is the SPAX fastener available?
A) SPAX fasteners are available at most local DIY, Home Improvement retailers, Industrial Supply houses and online specialty woodworking outlets in the U.S.

Q) Your packaging “says” no-predrilling, does that mean concrete?
A) No-predrilling is referencing hardwoods, it is not referring to concrete!  Concrete application require predrilling with a carbide bit before installing the SPAX fastener.
Our recommended bit diameter is listed on the back of our packaging for your convenience.

Q) Are there any tips when I use SPAX fasteners in concrete?
A)Yes, keep in mind these are primarily medium duty fasteners and each application is different. Always use the correct diameter fastener for the applications and carbide bit required.  Embedment into the masonry should be ¾” min to 1-1/4” max.  Also predrill the hole ¼” deeper than thread engagement for maximum performance of the fastener.

Q) Can I use SPAX fasteners in treated lumber?
A) Yes, either our 300 series stainless line or our (HCR™) High corrosion resistant fasteners that is compatible with ACQ lumber.

Q) What is HCR™ exactly?
A) HCR™ ( high corrosion resistance) is a dual barrier coating system designed to extend the longevity of the SPAX fastener when installed in treated lumber applications. The first barrier is an electrically applied substrate with a proprietary organic topcoat offering  1000 hr salt spray performance. NOTE: HCR™ from SPAX is typically green in color.

Q) What are these screws made of?
A) Excluding our 300 series stainless steel line, all of the SPAX fasteners are heat treated to grade 5 durability carbon steel from the small #6 diameter up to the ½” diameter PowerLags®.

Q) What is the difference between Blue Zinc & Yellow/ Zinc?
A) The first difference naturally is the color so that the user has an option for aesthetics. The Yellow/Zinc is a slightly higher grade of plating for corrosion protection vs. Blue Zinc. (also known as Brite zinc)

Q) How many do I need?
A) We would like you to decide that by the practical life expectation you have for your specific wood project or concrete application.

Q) Why can’t I use the PowerLag® in concrete?
A) The PowerLag® thread pitch and threads per inch design is different compared to our Multimaterial fasteners. 
The PowerLag® is designed to be a  high performance fastener for wood to wood applications only.