SPAX® Deck Screws Perfect for Ledger Board Installation

Still looking to add that outdoor space to your backyard this summer? Or maybe you're a professional contractor that struggles with the average lag bolt in your projects. SPAX® PowerLags® bring a new high-level of fastening efficiency and reliability to log home and timber frame construction.

Engineered for Demanding Wood-to-Wood Structural Applications

SPAX® PowerLags® feature patented thread serrations that eliminate pre-drilling and dramatically increase installation speed. SPAX XWL Series and XTM Series PowerLags® are also code listed and load rated, so you can be assured of the reliability of the assembly.

Head Styles to Match Your Needs

The two head styles available, Hex and T-Star, offer job matched performance and aesthetics. The HCR® proprietary coatings provide excellent corrosion resistance and prevent staining wet logs.

T-Star Washer Head HCR and Yellow Zinc SPAX Exterior ScrewsHex Washer Head HCR and PowerLags Hex Washer Head Outdoor Project ScrewsHex Washer Head Yellow Zinc Deck Screw

Watch Mark Clement Install Ledger Board on Deck with SPAX®

Mark Clement uses SPAX® for his ledger board installation and deck build.

Find a retail home improvement store or lumber and building material dealer near you to buy SPAX® PowerLags® and fasteners with Hex and T-Star style heads.