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For the craftsman that concentrates on the details, we have one purpose—enhance your performance. You’re not standard. Neither are we. We could go on, but it’s not about us. This is for all the quality-obsessed makers who rely on SPAX Engineered Fasteners to amplify their craft. For those that give a damn, join our nation-wide network of elite pros and craftsmen, for the chance to show the world how the SPAX Factor helps you drive stronger, longer-lasting connections in every project.

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Anywhere you're making stronger connections using SPAX Engineered Fasteners, we want to see it - from your perspective! We want you to film all the ways that SPAX Factor™ helps you on your projects from improving efficiency to creating greater structural integrity.

Through the Cinebody app, you can give us instant product feedback, submit testimonials, and show us how & where you use our engineered fasteners. 

Try to shoot from unique angles, capture footage from your and your crew's perspectives, and show us the ways SPAX Engineered Fasteners help you make stronger connections in your work. And in return, you’ll get awesome SPAX gear and the chance to be featured on our website and social media.

We can't wait to see what you create with SPAX!

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Show Us the Pro Perspective

Join us on Cinebody to share how our products affect your productivity and the strength of your projects every day. Film testimonials or show unique views of your projects, and even provide real-time product feedback from your job site.

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Join our community of SPAX enthusiasts and inspire others with your creative endeavors. Share your SPAX success story with us today by sending your project details. We can't wait to see the incredible ways you've incorporated SPAX into your work and to feature your story as a testament to the power of exceptional fasteners.

SPAX in Action

Show us how you use SPAX to drive connections that stay stronger longer. By joining our nation-wide network of elite pros and craftsmen, you get the chance to show the world how the SPAX Factor helps you drive stronger, longer-lasting connections.

SPAX Crew Member Ryan Garner (@garnerreviews)

SPAX Crew Member Jim Sarquis (@precision_woodworks_nj)

SPAX Crew Member Jim Sarquis (@precision_woodworks_nj)

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