Press Release

SPAX® Launches HCR-X™ Coating for Multi-Purpose Construction Screws

January 2016 - ABC US launches its newest coating HCR-X™ (Extra High Corrosion Resistance) for SPAX® mutli-purpose construction screws. HCR-X™: Is a proprietary coating system developed by SPAX® that provides a double barrier with superior corrosion resistance against red rust.  Fasteners with this coating are code recognized for use in treated lumber and coastal environments. HCR-X™ coating provides the next best level of corrosion resistance to 304 stainless steel at an affordable price. SPAX® flat head and wafer head multi-purpose construction screws utilizing T-Star plus drive system are available with HCR-X™ coating in multiple sizes for exterior deck and fencing projects plus many other extreme applications.

PDF Icon SPAX ExteriorDeck Screws HCR-X Coating Flier Form S-1601 Rev 1-21 (1 MB)