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Press Release

SPAX® Releases 5/16” x 6-3/4” PowerLags®  - Structural Fasteners

August 2019, ABC-US is pleased to announce the availability of a new size to our SPAX® line of T-STAR-Washer Head-PowerLags with HCR® coating. The 5/16" x 6 3/4" structural fastener is now in stock in 50 count contractor packs and was developed for many applications but specifically for multi-ply (4-ply) LVL beam applications. This new product is approved for multi-ply applications. See technical evaluation report: DrJ TER 1802-03.

PDF Icon DrJ TER No. 1802-03 Multi-Ply (LVL Beams and Girder Truss) (348 KB)