Press Release

SPAX® Releases Truss / Rafter to Plate Attachment Fastener

April 15, 2020 - Altenloh, Brinck & Co. US, Inc is pleased to announce the immediate availability of a new addition to the line of SPAX® POWERLAGS® Engineered Fasteners. This new product is designed for use in attaching truss/rafters to wall plates for ensuring a building code required continuous attachment method from floor to roof.

The new product is a #14 x 6-1/4” fastener including SPAX® patented features: T-STAR plus drive within a cylindric head, thread serrations and unique 4CUT point for quick and easy installation with no pre-drilling required. The new construction fastener is made of carbon steel coated with SPAX® exclusive WIROX® plating which is ideal for interior framing. The truss/rafter fasteners will be packaged in a high-resolution graphic Contractor Pax™ 50 count carton ready for retail shelves and will include a 2” long T-30 plus bit. The new SPAX® product is manufactured in our German facility but will be packaged and stocked in the Bryan, Ohio warehouse.

ABC-US / SPAX® received DrJ Engineering technical report No. TER 1912-07 for product data and TER 1910-02 for the Truss/Rafter to Plate Connection application report.

Part Number: 42110106016045
UPC: 712216024687
Qty: 50

PDF Icon Truss/Rafter to Plate Connection Fastener (2 MB) PDF Icon DrJ TER No. 1912-07 POWERLAGS Fastener Properties 7-27-2022 (819 KB) PDF Icon SPAX_TECH_BULLETIN_6-2018_web () PDF Icon DrJ TER No. 1910-02 Rev 3-1-2023 Truss/Rafter Screw Applications (666 KB)