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Composite Trim Finishing Screws and Fasteners

Designed to countersink for a clean-flush and hear "hidden" finish, SPAX® T-STAR plus Trim Head fasteners with white HCR® coating are a great choice for installing White PVC Trimboard & moulding for a clean and easy-to-conceal option.



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Make your home stand out from the crowd with durable, weather-resistant decorative millwork solutions that are engineered for ease of installation, provide long-lasting low maintenance, deliver performance for long-term value. PVC Trim and mouldings are a great addition to any home's exterior. Choose a premium trim fastener from SPAX® for optimal results.

Replacing Nails with Finishing Head Screws Can Be a Good Idea in Certain Situations

Here are some advantages of using finishing head screws over nails:

  • Stronger hold: Finishing head screws provide a stronger hold than nails because they are threaded and can grip the material more securely.
  • Easy to remove: Unlike nails, finishing head screws can be easily removed if necessary. This makes them a good choice for temporary fixes or for projects that may need to be taken apart later.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Finishing head screws have a flat head that can be countersunk into the material, giving a clean, professional appearance that nails cannot always achieve.

When replacing nails with finishing head screws, it's important to choose the right size and type of screw for the job. Use screws that are long enough to penetrate the material fully and have a thread that is appropriate for the material being fastened.

The Fundamentals of PVC Trim Installation

  • For premium results, use a standard 18V cordless impact drill.
  • For best results, use fasteners designed for wood trim and wood siding such as the SPAX® T-STAR plus Trim Head POWERTRIM® HCR® Finishing Screw. These fasteners have a thinner shank, blunt point, and full round head designed to countersink for a clean-flush and near "hidden" finish
  • A #8 trim screw may be used and works well with PVC Trim and Moulding products.
  • To take advantage of the performance of PVC Trim and Moulding products, use a highly durable fastener such as a SPAX fastener with the white HCR (High Corrosion Resistance) coating to blend in with the white PVC
  • Staples, small brads, and wire nails must not be used.
  • The fasteners should be long enough to penetrate the solid wood substrate a minimum of 1 ½”.
  • Standard nail guns work well with PVC Trim and Moulding products. If using pneumatic tools, the air pressure should be regulated so fasteners slightly penetrate the surface.
  • Like wood, use 2 fasteners per every framing member for trim board applications. Trim boards 12” or wider, as well as sheets, will require additional fasteners, not to exceed 8” on center.
  • Fasteners must be installed within 2” of the end of each board.
  • There must be 2 fasteners on each side of a board joint (scarf, miter, etc.).
  • All fasteners must hit a solid framing member.
  • PVC Trim and Moulding products should be fastened into a flat, solid substrate. Fastening PVC material into hollow or uneven areas must be avoided.
  • Pre-drilling is typically not required unless a large fastener is used or product is installed in low temperatures.
  • For best results, glue all PVC-to-PVC joints to prevent splitting. For best results, surfaces to be glued should be smooth, clean and in complete contact with each other.
  • Always use a scarf joint with two fasteners on each side instead of butt joints.

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SPAX® T-STAR plus Trim Head fasteners with white HCR® coating are designed to countersink for a clean-flush and near “hidden” finish

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