Why Improving Efficiency Should Be an Ongoing Goal
October 10, 2023

Why Improving Efficiency Should Be an Ongoing Goal

We take great pride in the fact that SPAX-engineered fasteners are designed from the ground up to reduce labor time. With our fasteners, you spend less time using your screw gun and more time doing all the other work that goes into a completed job. From our perspective, SPAX-engineered fasteners equal greater efficiency.

We also take the position that improving efficiency should be an ongoing goal for nearly every contractor. Whether you are involved in concrete masonry, interior construction, or the structural trades, being more efficient in what you do offers tangible benefits that pay off in both the short and long terms.

Here is what better efficiency could mean to you and your business:

1. Greater Productivity

Increasing efficiency should lead to greater productivity across the board. The more efficient you are at routine tasks, the more quickly you can perform those tasks. That means you produce more work in a given day. There is nothing wrong with that.

Our engineered fasteners go in quickly and effortlessly. You can use fewer fasteners when you choose SPAX. You can also trust that they will hold securely. All three factors combine to make for more efficient work and greater productivity.

2. Quality Improvements

Although there are exceptions to the rule, greater efficiency tends to lend itself to fewer mistakes. You are more efficient at what you do, so you are less likely to forget things, missteps, etc. The end result should be improvements to the quality of your work. Conversely, a lack of efficiency can lead to cutting corners and rushing things. That is when mistakes occur.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

When efficiency leads to greater productivity and quality improvements, customers are more satisfied with your work. You provide better quality and better customer service. Best of all, you do so without missing a beat.

Customers love efficiency and productivity. They appreciate seeing contractors come in, do their work quickly and efficiently, and move on to the next job. Efficient and productive contractors impress. It is that simple.

4. Lower Construction Costs

Efficiency tends to lower construction costs, generating the same output with less work and fewer materials. Here is where SPAX-engineered fasteners really shine. Our T-star plus screws and T-star bits are designed to reduce camming out, as well as require less torque for installation. This means fewer screws and increased efficiency on your projects. You spend less on materials and labor to produce more work.

In this particular area, efficiency plays a huge role. There are very inefficient ways to do construction work. You see it yourself on the job site. But being more efficient isn't a one-and-done thing. Efficiency is an ongoing pursuit designed to keep pace with changes within the construction trades.

5. Less Stress for You

The proverbial icing on the cake is less stress. A more efficient job site is one that produces better work faster. It is one in which customers are happier with both work quality and customer service. An efficient worksite is one that costs less to run. Add everything up and you have fewer headaches.

It is amazing to see how improving efficiency can reduce contractor stress. Something as simple as switching to SPAX-engineered fasteners can have such a dramatic effect on efficiency that reduced stress is sure to follow.

We cannot promise that SPAX screws and fasteners will eliminate every problem you've ever had on the job site. We can promise they will increase your productivity and speed. In turn, this should increase your efficiency and provide all of the extra benefits that come along with it.