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The SPAX® Value Proposition

  • High performance, patented, German-engineered thread technology.
  • Nearly 200 years of cold forming, threaded fastener manufacturing expertise.
  • Premium quality; made in America.
  • Largest selection of structural lag screws in the industry: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" diameters in lengths up to 12". Highest pull-out and head pull-thru values in the industry.
  • Largest selection of structural multi-purpose/multi-material construction screws in the industry.
  • No pre-drilling; fast, easy driven, no camming out; no breaking.
  • Industry code approvals
  • A reliable, domestic supply source.
  • A growing distribution network for convenient and timely product availability.
  • Available engineering and technical support.
  • Superior customer service.
  • Solid business ethics and integrity - SPAX® will not sell to our customers' customers.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
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ICC-ES code recognized for wood-to-wood connections

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SPAX® Coating Options and Corrosion Resistance

For Interior Applications

Zinc and Yellow Zinc: Provides a basic level of corrosion resistance against red rust caused by exposure to typical moisture/humidity levels in interior environments.

For Exterior Applications

HCR® (High Corrosion Resistance): Provides good/typical level of corrosion resistance against red rust in most exterior environments, and is approved for use in treated lumber.

HCR-X™ (Extra High Corrosion Resistance): A proprietary coating system developed by SPAX® that provides superior corrosion resistance against red rust compared to SPAX® HCR® coating and most other coating systems used on threaded fasteners. It is code compliant for above ground use only treated lumber applications in freshwater environments. HCR-X™ is not recommended for use in cedar and redwood applications. "It provides the next best level of corrosion resistance to 304 stainless steel at an affordable price".

304 Series Stainless Steel: SPAX® construction screws made of 304 series stainless steel provide a premium level of corrosion resistance against red rust compared to SPAX® HCR® and HCR-X™ coatings and other applied coatings on threaded fasteners.

MaterialCarbon Steel304 Series Stainless Steel
SPAX® Coating SystemZinc/Yellow ZincHCR®HCR-X™NA
Corrosion ResistanceBasicGoodSuperiorPremium
Exposure ConditionInterior Use Only3 - Freshwater Environment3 - Freshwater Environment4 - Coastal Environment (Salt Water)
Use Condition AWPANAUC1 to UC4A - FreshwaterUC1 to UC4A - FreshwaterUC1 to UC4B Incl. Coastal
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