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Register Your SPAX Store Set

Thank you for investing in SPAX Engineered Fasteners and for placing a set in your store! Please register your set in order to be included on our where to buy page and for other pull through sales tool items.


• Get entered for a chance to win our quarterly drawings

• Receive a Welcome Kit with helpful tools for increased customer engagement and pull through sales


• Submit a picture of your set with signage

• One registration per store

• Must include contact name (Store Aisle Manager), store name, store address, and store number 

Register Your SPAX Store Set!

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SPAX sets the bar

From our honest sizing to our rigorous testing, SPAX sets the bar for structural fasteners.  Use these materials to demonstrate it.

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Sample Program

Send contractors to this link so they can order a full sample kit.  Tailored kits are available for specialty contractors.

Sample Request
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Check out all the SPAX applications around the home and out on the jobsite!

Our Applications
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Technical Evaluation Reports

SPAX provides application TER’s for several structural applications including: Ledger attachment, Truss attachment and Multi-ply Truss and Beam Assembly.