COVID-19 Update:ABC US is an essential supplier to essential businesses in the hardware, construction and building materials channels across the United States and as such, we will continue to operate. We will adhere to requested health standards for our employees and continue to manufacture and supply SPAX® ENGINEERED FASTENERS to serve our essential customers in those respective industries from our facility in Bryan, OH. Visitors will be considered on an appointment-only basis. For any questions, please call 800-443-9602 between 8a-5p EST.

Building a Deck…Easy as 1, 2, 3!

If you have a decking project coming up in your future we're sharing 3 videos to hopefully give you some insight for a smooth, safe and secure build.

 1) The top-down framing technique --Layout tips, fasteners (SPAX®!)  and more.

2) The top-down framing technique -- Joists, Hardware and Guard Posts

3) The top-down framing technique -- Decking, Rails and Stairs.

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