The First Real Multi-Purpose Construction Screws

What is the best screw for your construction project or DIY job? When you walk into your local hardware store, you®ll find a variety of options and we’ve seen many screw manufacturers and fastener supply companies try to imitate the innovations in our SPAX® Multi-Purpose Construction screws. Although we are humbled by the attention, SPAX is proud to be the first REAL Multi-Material Screw on the market and with so many loyal customers!

What is the Best Screw for Wood, Dry Wall, Sheet Metal … ?

You’re looking for an affordable screw that makes strong connections and can be used for interior and exterior woodworking projects, or maybe you need a sturdy coarse-thread drywall fastener. If you’ve chosen SPAX then you know several unique features set our professional-grade screws apart from the standard screws offered on the marketplace. If you’re still shopping in the aisle of your hardware store, then you may wonder what all the fuss is about.

What Makes SPAX® the Best Screw?

SPAX® patented, German-engineered technologies create a superior fastener. Each part of our screws, from drive to threads, is designed to attach multiple types of materials and make secure, anti-corroding strong fastening. SPAX Multi-Material Construction Screws are the versatile fastening solution for a wide range of interior applications in multiple materials, including wood, drywall, masonry, sheet metal, and plastic.

  • SPAX patented serrations allow for quicker, easier fastening
  • SPAX patented MULTIhead countersinks screw head flush with material
  • Unique 4Cut Point™ prevents splitting and requires no pre-drilling in wood
  • Heat-treated to a grade 5 durability

SPAX@reg; makes the best multi-purpose construction screw for any application, including multiple drive types, head styles, and coatings.

Check out the SPAX® Screw Finder to select the best multi-purpose screw for your application. Experience the professional-grade quality of SPAX German-engineered, American construction screws, request a sample pack or find out where you can buy SPAX Engineered Fasteners.