Multiple Applications Means One SPAX® Multi-Purpose Screw

SPAX® Multi-Material screws drive like butter on wood, drywall, masonry, sheet metal and plastic. If you haven’t tried SPAX® engineered fasteners yet, it’s time to fill your workshop with our American Made screws and PowerLags®.

One Screw, One Drive Style

Whether you’re working on the construction site or in your garage on a DIY project, SPAX® Multi-Material construction screws save you time and money. The unique 4CUT™ Point prevents splitting in wood and requires no-pre-drilling in most materials*. Simply fire up that driver and get to work!

Watch Mark Clement from MyFixitUpLife show you how he uses the SPAX® Multi-Material fastener in a variety of applications, including wood-to-concrete, wood-to-wood, framing installation and plate to plate connections.

Where can you buy SPAX® Multi-Purpose Screws?

SPAX Multi-Purpose Screws and other products can be purchased at your local retail and home improvement stores or from specialty distributors. Find where you can buy SPAX at a location near you.

Want to try out SPAX multi-material fasteners? Order a sample pack of our products.

*Concrete applications require pre-drilling of a pilot hole.