Saving Time and Organizing Your World

Who doesn't want more organization in their life? Who doesn't wish they had more time?  Sounds like a dream, eh?  Well SPAX® can help...really!

One of the things we like to do for fall/winter readiness is organize or reorganize our garage. All the crap, uh I mean valuable stuff, we've accumulated over the spring and summer has taken over our precious space that previously had been designated for vehicles and our tools (if you're not lucky enough to have a shop).

So here's where the organization and time saving comes in. Mirza Woodworks created a couple of sweet builds lately that totally fit the bill.  Mission Organization #1 -  the garage storage. Using over 100 SPAX® Multi-Material screws and NOT having to pre-drill a single one, Mirza saved a LOT of time and battery life on his driver too!

Taking these same principles, you can move your mad organizational building skills inside. Step up your game and create some beautiful built-ins to store a variety of items or display your prized possessions...Mission Organization #2!

These built-ins are 8 feet tall and 40 inches wide each, they are constructed individually. All of the shelves are installed using 1-3/4" SPAX® Multi-Material Construction Screws. 

Using 3/4" plywood, installed in place with southern yellow pine face frame and crown molding. These built-ins contain over 120 screws and none of them were pre-drilled!

We're inspired and hope you are too!

Many thanks to Mirza Woodworks for sharing these projects and being such loyal's people like you that keep us doing what we do.

Do it Once. Do it Right.®