COVID-19 Update:ABC US is an essential supplier to essential businesses in the hardware, construction and building materials channels across the United States and as such, we will continue to operate. We will adhere to requested health standards for our employees and continue to manufacture and supply SPAX® ENGINEERED FASTENERS to serve our essential customers in those respective industries from our facility in Bryan, OH. Visitors will be considered on an appointment-only basis. For any questions, please call 800-443-9602 between 8a-5p EST.

TORQUE: A twisting force that tends to cause rotation.

You already are familiar with all the great features of SPAX® fasteners like:

  • Patented MULTIhead: Countersinks screw head flush with material.
  • Patented serrations: Quicker and easier fastening.
  • UNIQUE 4CUT™ Point: No pre-drilling, no splitting. Square end divides fibers. addition to to all that SPAX® fastening efficiency, did you also know that the engineered thread technology, featuring patented thread serrations, require no predrilling and that reduces driving torque needed by up to 40%?

Talk about speeding up installation and prolonging your power tool life!

So for your next job save your battery, power tool life AND your time and choose SPAX®  - Do it Once. Do it Right.®

For more information on SPAX® brand fasteners go to SPAX.US