Most Reliable Drive Screw

Whether you’re a professional contractor or DIY’er, SPAX® offers a wide selection of premium-quality fastening solutions that help ensure professional results in less time than inferior imported screws. We get a lot of great comments and reviews on our exclusive T-STAR plus Drive head features. If you've never tried our T-Star plus Drive multi-purpose construction screws, you may have some questions.

What is T-STAR plus?

SPAX® T-STAR Plus is a superior head feature option you can find on many of our screw types, including flathead, wafer head and Unidrive screws. The T-STAR plus Drive provides superior bit engagement which eliminates head stripping/cam-out effect, minimizes contact pressure force and accepts higher torques. Using German-engineered and American-made T-STAR plus Drive screws gives you more control with a single hand or overhead work! Find the perfect screw for your construction job or project.

How Does the T-STAR plus Drive Head Work?

SPAX® T-STAR Plus technology delivers the ultimate bit engagement! T-STAR plus screws and fasteners feature a “guide cone” at the bottom of the recess. In addition, the recess has a small depression in the screw head below the driving surface which provides the perfect fit for a T-STAR bit. Your screw will be guided considerably better than a conventional fastener and will no longer fall off the bit, making overhead work and connections more efficient, safer and stronger. Achieve optimal force transmission and long service life for T-STAR plus bit.

Where can you buy SPAX® T-STAR plus Drive fasteners and bits?

SPAX T-STAR plus Drive screws and other products can be purchased at leading home improvement stores as well as your local lumberyards and specialty distributors. Find project-appropriate boxes or buy in bulk at a location near you.

Want to take SPAX multi-purpose engineered fasteners for a test drive? Order a sample pack of our products and please, let us know what you think!