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Shed Screws and Fasteners

SPAX® offers the right assortment of screws to build strong, long-lasting sheds and small buildings to enhance the structural integrity and longevity of your structure. This guide will help you take into consideration the type of screws, coatings, sizes, and whether they are appropriate for the materials you're joining.


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Building a Shed or Small Building

Sheds and tiny buildings are a fast-growing segment among homeowners that creates a lot of demand for a variety of different fasteners as manufacturers and contractors move from traditional nails and screws. SPAX® has various styles and types of fasteners which make them an attractive partner for any builder of these structures.

Fasteners for Shed Building

The lineup SPAX® offers of PowerLags in both hex and washer style heads gives the contractor many options to fit several applications on a job. SPAX® offers lags from ¼" to ½" in diameter up to 12" lengths in certain diameters. With the broadest range of lengths and diameters in the market, SPAX® provides solutions for flooring, beams, truss systems, and much more.

Some end users are are looking for other options when it comes to nails and hurricane clips. One of those options is the SPAX® truss rafter screw. Offered in #14 x 6 ¼", it makes for the perfect fastener for the small truss systems inside of a shed.

SPAX® also offers a multi-material screw in both a flat counter sunk head as well as a low-profile wafer head. These are offered in both interior and exterior coatings. With a large range of diameters and lengths offered, SPAX® has great solutions for framing, subfloor, decorative attachments, composite flooring, and many other applications.

Most of SPAX® products are available in bulk options which makes it attractive for contractors and manufacturers producing these structures in high volume.

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Versatile Screws for Every Stage of Your Project

It's essential to choose screws with appropriate length, diameter, and thread pattern to match the specific applications and material thickness. Additionally, selecting screws with corrosion-resistant coatings or materials ensures durability, especially for outdoor shed construction.

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SPAX offer the largest selection of code-recognized structural wood-to-wood fasteners in the industry.



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The largest selection of code-recognized structural wood-to-wood fasteners in the industry!

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