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Sheds / Small Buildings Application

Shed Screws and Fasteners

SPAX® offers the right assortment of screws to build strong, long-lasting sheds and small buildings to enhance the structural integrity and longevity of your structure. This guide will help you take into consideration the type of screws, coatings, sizes, and whether they are appropriate for the materials you're joining.


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Building a Shed or Small Building

Sheds and tiny buildings are a fast-growing segment among homeowners that creates a lot of demand for a variety of different fasteners as manufacturers and contractors move from traditional nails and screws. SPAX® has various styles and types of fasteners which make them an attractive partner for any builder of these structures.

Fasteners for Shed Building

The lineup SPAX® offers of PowerLags in both hex and washer style heads give the contractor many options to fit several applications on a job. SPAX® offers lags from ¼" to ½" in diameter up to 12" lengths in certain diameters. With the broadest range of lengths and diameters in the market, SPAX® provides solutions for flooring, beams, truss systems, and much more.

Some end users are finding ways to move from things like nails and hurricane clips and looking for other options. One of those options is the SPAX® truss rafter screw. Offered in a #14 x 6 ¼" it makes for the perfect fastener for the small truss systems inside of a shed.

SPAX® also offers a multi- material screw in both a flat counter sunk head as well as a low-profile wafer head. This are offered in both interior and exterior coatings. With a large range of diameters and lengths offered, SPAX® has great solutions for framing, subfloor, decorative attachments, composite flooring, and many other applications.

Most of SPAX® products in bulk options which makes it attractive for contractors and manufacturers producing these structures in high volume.

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Versatile Screws for Every Stage of Your Project

It's essential to choose screws with appropriate length, diameter, and thread pattern to match the specific applications and material thickness. Additionally, selecting screws with corrosion-resistant coatings or materials ensures durability, especially for outdoor shed construction.

Exterior Treated Lumber Approved Fastener Coatings

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HCR is a dual-barrier coating system designed to extend the longevity of SPAX® fasteners in ground-contact, treated lumber and exterior freshwater applications. Plated with a zinc base coat and finished with a durable top coat, they are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions.

NOTE: HCR® coating comes in black, white, and yellow.

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HCR-X is a SPAX-developed, proprietary, dual- barrier coating system with superior corrosion protection against red rust, designed for use in both treated lumber and freshwater environments.

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Stainless Steel

304 stainless steel fasteners provide code- compliant use in ground-contact, pressure-treated, and fire-retardant-treated lumber in general and coastal construction projects. They’re well-suited for use with cedar and redwood decking.

Refer to FRT manufacturer for recommendations on fastener coatings into FRT lumber.
NOTE: SPAX® recommends stainless steel for cedar & redwood applications.

Fasteners to consider for shed construction 

When building a shed, the choice of screws will depend on various factors, including the materials you're working with and the specific applications within the shed. Here are some commonly recommended screw types for different components of a shed:

  • Wood Framing: For joining wooden framing components, such as studs, joists, and rafters, wood screws are typically used. Coarse-threaded screws with sharp points, such as deck screws or construction screws, provide good holding power in wood. Exterior-grade screws with corrosion-resistant coatings (e.g., ACQ-compatible) are recommended for outdoor applications.

  • Sheathing and Siding: When attaching plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing to the shed's frame or installing siding materials, such as wooden boards or vinyl panels, exterior-grade screws designed for those specific materials should be used. Rust-resistant screws with appropriate thread patterns, lengths, and head types are commonly available for these applications.

  • Roofing: Roofing nails are often the preferred fastener for attaching shingles or other roofing materials. However, if you prefer using screws, opt for galvanized or stainless steel screws specifically designed for roofing applications. These screws typically have neoprene washers to create a watertight seal.

  • Hinges and Hardware: When installing hinges, brackets, or other hardware components in the shed, it's common to use screws provided with the hardware itself. These screws are typically designed to match the specific hardware requirements and may include self-drilling or self-tapping features for ease of installation.

  • Trim and Finishing: For attaching trim boards, moldings, or decorative elements to the shed's exterior or interior, finishing screws or trim-head screws are commonly used. These screws have smaller heads that can be easily concealed or countersunk for a neat and flush finish.

  • Metal Connections: If your shed includes metal components, such as brackets or connectors, self-drilling or self-tapping screws specifically designed for metal-to-metal connections should be used. These screws are hardened to penetrate metal without the need for pre-drilling.
Double Barrier Coating with PowerLags
2X the Protection

Our Double Barrier Coating

Our HCR® (High Corrosion Resistance) double-barrier coatings offer superior protection with a double barrier. First plated with a zinc base coat and finished with a durable top coat, they’re engineered to hold up to the harshest conditions. Tested and recognized for use in ground contact pressure treated lumber for exterior, freshwater general construction applications (e.g., AWPA UC1-UC4A, UCFA).


Some competitors don’t actually test their coatings. They rely on data from their paint company before it makes it onto their screws.

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SPAX offer the largest selection of code-recognized structural wood-to-wood fasteners in the industry.



High Performance. High Value.

The largest selection of code-recognized structural wood-to-wood fasteners in the industry!

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