A Better Cabinetry Installation with Better Fasteners 2
September 5, 2023

A Better Cabinetry Installation with Better Fasteners

Installing cabinetry is as much an art form as it is a construction discipline. Unless you are dealing with new construction, installing cabinets is an exercise in leveling and filling. Why? Because studs bow and walls are rarely level. The last thing you need as a cabinet installer are fasteners that won't enhance your ability to deliver.

Your tools of the trade include shims, fillers, and other little 'secrets' that enable you to install level cabinetry despite walls and floors that might be out of whack. But you could go through a lot of trouble creating a perfectly level plane only to have the finished job not meet expectations because you used sub-par fasteners.

In your business, it makes no sense to go with anything but the absolute best fastener you can find. You need a fastener that will grip tightly and hold firmly for the long term. For efficiency's sake, you also need a fastener that will not split wood despite being driven in without pre-drilling. You need a fastener that won't pop out under load. We have what you need in SPAX engineered fasteners and screws.

Tested to Our Exacting Standards

SPAX fasteners are tested to make sure they meet our exacting standards. They are engineered to guarantee high shear strength, which is something you need for cabinet installation. Given how frequently walls are out of level or bowed, you cannot afford to use fasteners that will not hold tightly year after year.

Not only do our fasteners offer superior strength and holding power, but they have also been designed to reduce the average amount of time you spend fitting a kitchen with new cabinets. You work more quickly because there is no need to pre-drill the screw holes. Reduced splitting also makes the job go faster. Finally, you can use fewer fasteners than you otherwise would.

A Perfectly Level Installation

SPAX screws and fasteners are only one component in a perfectly level kitchen cabinet installation. Of course, you utilize other tools to do the job perfectly. Shims are a big one. You bring shims to every job knowing that walls will not necessarily be level and square.

Some cabinet installers do a very good job of installing cabinets level with the floor. But that's it, they don't go any further. You don't do business that way. You level with both the floor and the wall to create a perfectly level plane. You do it with shims. Don't you want a fastener that reduces wood splitting?

Also bear in mind that any cabinets you install are built to square. If you don't level with the wall, which is to say you allow cabinets to follow the contour of the wall on which they are being installed, you are putting too much stress on the cabinetry. You could end up out of square. That means doors won't close properly, the overhang won't be consistent, etc.

Do the Job Right, Every Time

As a conscientious cabinet installer who believes in giving every customer high-quality work, your goal is to do the job right on every installation. We couldn't agree with you more. In fact, we are in your corner with revolutionary fasteners that will literally change the way you do what you do.

SPAX fasteners come in a variety of finishes and head options. Our revolutionary thread eliminates the need to predrill without increasing the chances of splitting the wood. In fact, you get fewer splits with our fasteners.

Your goal is a better installation with every project. Our goal is to help you reach yours by offering you the best fasteners money can buy. If you are looking to be a better installer, consider switching to SPAX.

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