Avoid Camming Out to Increase Speed and Improve Productivity
October 3, 2023

Avoid Camming Out to Increase Speed and Improve Productivity

Camming out is one of those little annoyances that can lead to major problems if it's not corrected. You know exactly what camming out entails if you have been part of the construction trade for a while. But if you are new to construction, it may be a complete mystery to you. Rest assured that learning about camming out will make you a better contractor.

SPAX reduces the likelihood of camming out with our T-star plus drive system. Combining our drive with the star head on our engineered fasteners gives you maximum control with every fastener you drive. The chances of camming out are greatly reduced, even when driving overhead.

The Basics of Camming Out

Camming out can mean different things based on the application. When you are talking about screws, it can happen in two ways. First, you can cam out when your screwdriver pops out of the head while you are driving. If this happens too many times, the edges of the head can be stripped to the point that you cannot continue driving. Even removing the affected screw becomes difficult.

You can also cam out a screw by over torquing it to the point that you strip the threads. Once that happens, integrity is an issue. The screw will no longer hold securely. It needs to be removed and replaced.

SPAX-engineered fasteners are designed with a strong star head that significantly reduces camming out. When you combine the head design with our 4Cut Point and patented serrations, you get a fastener that goes in easily, holds securely, and doesn't cam out. What more could you want from a screw?

Why Stopping Cam Outs Is Important

No doubt there are cabinet installers, framers, deck builders, etc. who consider camming out part of the job. They accept it as unavoidable and move on when it happens. We take a different position: stopping cam outs is both possible and important.

Camming out isn't just an aesthetic thing. It is not just an inconvenience that forces you to realign your screwdriver and start again. Camming out can lead to:

  • Loss of Strength – Camming out the head of a screw can reduce its ability to withstand torque. That could lead to a loss of strength because screws don't go in tightly enough.

  • Broken Screws – Repeated camming out on the same screw can ultimately lead to it breaking. Then you need to remove the screw to replace it with a fresh one. All of that takes time.

  • Material Damage – Cam outs can lead to excess torquing and subsequent material damage. The wood or metal through which the screw is inserted may have to be replaced as a result.

Above and beyond all of that, camming out just makes it harder for you to do your job. It wastes your time, causes frustration, and reduces your productivity. Why accept it as part of the job? Why not eliminate camming out by switching to a better fastener?

Work Quickly and Without Compromise

Most of the engineering that goes into SPAX screws and fasteners is designed to help you work more quickly without compromising the quality of your work. Our fasteners are designed to go in with the least amount of effort. They are designed to grab tightly and hold on. They are designed to allow you to use fewer fasteners and still achieve the same holding power.

If camming out is a normal part of your workday, we invite you to try SPAX-engineered fasteners. Contact us for a free sample. You will discover that we have made camming out a thing of the past.

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