Building a Home Entertainment Center, the Easy Way
March 12, 2024

Building a Home Entertainment Center, the Easy Way

New technologies and design techniques have certainly changed the home construction trades over the years. These days, it is no longer necessary to make construction projects complicated. There are ways to do things without compromising strength, durability, structural integrity, etc. As a case in point, let us talk about building a home entertainment center the easy way.

As a remodeling contractor tasked with turning a boring family room into an exciting media room, a built-in home entertainment system is what you are aiming for. You can build it efficiently and cost effectively without cutting corners on quality.

The Design Stage

Every home construction project starts with the design stage. Building a home entertainment center is no different. We recommend designing around the modular concept, meaning you will build the complete unit from individual cabinets (or boxes, if you will) that will eventually be stacked and attached.

An example design might call for one large box for the flat screen TV and soundbar. Underneath are three smaller boxes for storage. The main box is flanked on either side by stacks of three boxes each. The center box is the largest, followed by the one below and the smallest on top.

Take the time to plan thoroughly before building begins. A good plan, approved by the homeowner, will limit repeat visits to the lumberyard and help you keep to your timeline.

Assembling the Materials

Material assembly follows the design stage. If you can get everything you need before construction begins, you will save time. You will be more efficient by not running back to the hardware store multiple times throughout the project.

For your panels, you have a variety of choices including plywood, MDF, and even melamine. Just be careful to note the surfaces your primer and paint are suitable for. You may need different primers for MDF and melamine, for example.

In terms of fasteners, we recommend SPAX flat head countersinking construction screws for interior connections and wafer head cabinet screws for attaching the entertainment center to the wall. Both feature Grade-5 durability, patented thread serrations that reduced driving torque, and UI 4CUT point to prevent splitting.

Consider SPAX MDF/Hardware Fasteners if you're building with MDF. Its trim head with cutting nibs provides countersunk and flush finish for improved aesthetics. In addition, our unique CUT™ point requires no pre-drilling and is specifically designed to drill MDF.

Paint Before You Build

Given the difficulty of achieving a professional-looking paint job after the fact, we recommend painting all your panels before you begin building. Cut them all to size, address any trimming and sanding, and then prime and paint. Be sure to give the panels adequate time to dry before construction. Otherwise, it will not take much contact to damage the finish.

If your home entertainment system is going to include extra shelves, cut and paint them after you finish the individual cabinets. It will give you something to do while the cabinets are drying.

Move On to Assembly

Once the paint has dried, it's time to move on to assembly. Each cabinet will be assembled independently. Once all are assembled, they can be put in place and attached. You will finish up by installing the shelves and touching up the paint. All that's left is bringing in the TV, electronics, and everything else.

The key to all of this is to think things through before you start. Planning is everything in home construction. Whether you are building a home entertainment center or putting a deck out back, working from a set of plans is better than building on the fly.

We encourage you to make SPAX engineered fasteners part of every plan. Choose from a variety of screws, nails, and brackets depending on your application. By going with SPAX, you are not leaving anything to chance. You're building with proven fasteners suitable for even the most demanding applications.

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