Home Remodeling: Key Trends in Cabinetry to Watch in 2024
February 19, 2024

Home Remodeling: Key Trends in Cabinetry to Watch in 2024

Kitchens and baths continue to be among the most important rooms in the American home. Consumers value modern spaces built with high-quality materials and featuring the latest amenities. As such, cabinets play a considerable role in the overall presentation. Cabinets are expensive, so they must be structurally sound, durable, and pleasing to the eye.

Cabinetry will be no less important to homeowners this year than it was last. As a contractor, your choice of materials matters on every single job. Invest in SPAX flathead countersinking construction screws for all interior cabinet framing connections. We carry a variety of sizes from #6 to #14 and lengths from ½ to 1¾ inches.

We also recommend SPAX #8 x 2½” MDF/Hardwood fasteners for styles attachment. They feature a trim head with cutting ribs, a T-Star Plus driver, heat-treated grade-5 durability, and patented serrations requiring 40% less torque.

While you are considering SPAX fasteners, check out these key trends in cabinetry to watch out for during the rest of 2024:

Significant Market Growth

Data from multiple sources suggests significant market growth in custom cabinetry over the coming twelve months or so. According to the Farnsworth Group, CAGR could run from 3.7% to 5.7% through 2027. Driving the growth is increased consumer demand for better organization solutions at home.

Consumers want space-saving storage. They are looking to make spaces more efficient throughout the home, especially in the kitchen and bath. If this means ripping out old cabinets and replacing them with better designs, consumers seem ready and willing to invest.

Streamlined Designs

Farnsworth Group data suggests consumers are more interested in streamlined designs that offer clean lines and minimal clutter. Cabinetry capable of hiding appliances is an emerging trend. In addition, homeowners want relaxing colors and simple patterns to cut down on visual clutter. It all points to simpler, more inviting kitchens and baths that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are efficient and functional.

Frameless Cabinets

Research by the Freedonia Group points to frameless cabinets as a growing trend in the coming months. Their research seems to suggest that demand for frameless cabinets could exceed that of conventional cabinetry by 100%. In addition, Freedonia Group says their research shows that the stock of homes with frameless cabinets continues to increase, which suggests that homeowners will continue asking for frameless cabinets when it comes time to remodel kitchens and baths.

Exterior Cabinetry

Consumers showing an ongoing interest to spend more time outdoors could opt more often for exterior kitchens over the next year or so. This suggests that contractors be ready to install exterior cabinets to complement such spaces. Cabinetry must be built to withstand the elements while at the same time retaining aesthetic appeal. As such, material choices need to be up to par.

SPAX HCR-X and stainless-steel fasteners should be considered for exterior work. As always, contractors should pay attention to local building codes and standards when choosing their fasteners.

Alternative Materials

Finally, the Farnsworth Group says their data points to alternative materials – specifically bamboo. Although bamboo is not "as broadly popular as more traditional choices," it is often less expensive than natural wood and lends itself better to the modern aesthetic. Another alternative is cabinetry made of composite materials, such as MDF. SPAX T-Star Trim Head HCR® Composite Deck Screws, while commonly used for compositie decking, can also be used for other composite material applications as well.

By all accounts, the cabinetry industry should do very well in 2024. As a contractor, be sure you are up on the latest trends. Also be sure to use only the highest quality materials in your projects. Remember that the quality of your work depends on the materials you choose. The best materials will make for happy customers who come back time and again.

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