SPAX® T-Star plus Flat Head 304 Series, Partial Thread

Base Part #: 419700()

SPAX T-Star plus Flat Head, partial thread, stainless steel screws are the ideal multi-purpose decking and construction fastener. When premium corrosion resistance is desired, SPAX 304 Series is the best exterior screw option. T-STAR plus drive provides superior bit engagement over Phillips and square drive screws.

Buy T-Star plus Flat Head 304 Series at retail hardware and home improvement stores near you or from wholesalers, dealers, and specialty distributers.

SPAX® Stainless Steel Screws for Decking and Construction

SPAX 304 series stainless steel screws offer premium corrosion resistance and long-term aesthetics in wood deck/railing, fencing and other exterior wood applications.

  • IRC / IBC Code Compliant DrJ TER No. 2010-02 Construction Screw Properties
  • Patented thread serrations require no pre-drilling and reduce driving torque to prolong the battery life of power tools
  • Ideal for use in cedar and redwood applications to prevent possible staining of the wood

Choose SPAX Stainless Steel and Construction Screws for your decking and other exterior construction applications. Request a sample pack of SPAX 304 series stainless steel screws today and build strong connections on the job site.


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SizeDrive/Bit SizeThreadAvailable Pkg. Options
Retail PaxLarge Retail Pax1 lb. Box3 lb. Box5 lb. BoxIndividualProject PaxContractor PaxMini PailBulk Pail
#9 x 1-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial1552000
#9 x 2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial1251500
#10 x 2-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial831500
#10 x 3"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial682053401500