Choosing the Right Screws to Hang Kitchen Cabinets
March 12, 2024

Choosing the Right Screws to Hang Kitchen Cabinets

Hanging cabinets requires the right tools and supplies, just like any other job in the construction trade. There is room for differences between contractor preferences, but the goal should always be the same: quality craftsmanship that results in sturdy cabinets that are securely fastened to the wall. Our primary concern here at SPAX is the choice of screws.

Contractors choose their screws based on a variety of factors including cabinet weight, the type of wall cabinets are being mounted to, and the desired finish. Pricing is sometimes a factor as well. Saving a little bit on fasteners could help a contractor's bottom line in the long run. Nonetheless, we encourage spending a little more to ensure the best quality.

So, what are the right screws for hanging kitchen cabinets? Let us first discuss the three most common options among contractors. Then we will follow up with our professional recommendations as a supplier of German engineered fasteners.

3 Most Common Choices

Several different types of screws can be used to hang cabinets. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the three most common choices:

1. Cabinet Screws

Cabinet screws are the obvious first choice. Also known as washer-head or button-head screws, their main feature is a large diameter head that creates a larger contact surface between screw and cabinet. Increasing contact surface also increases holding power. Generic cabinet screws are typically available in #8 and #10 sizes. They can be found in a variety of lengths.

2. Multi-Purpose Flat Head Screws

Multi-purpose flat head construction screws are one of the most versatile fasteners on the market. They are ideal for all sorts of interior applications. They are an excellent choice for fastening cabinets to studs underneath drywall.

Note that some contractors choose drywall screws for this type of application. We don't recommend doing so. Drywall screws are not suitable for heavy cabinets because they just aren't strong enough.

3. Lag Screws

The most heavy duty among the three options are lag screws. They are the optimal choice when hanging cabinets on concrete or masonry walls. They are very strong and have a coarse thread for optimal gripping. Lag screws do require pre-drilling.

What We Recommend

When mounting cabinets to wooden studs underneath, we recommend SPAX cabinet and wafer head screws. They are designed with a large diameter head that provides superior hold. Our cabinet and wafer head screws come in a variety of lengths as well as both #8 and #10 diameters.

With that general recommendation out of the way, we offer three specific types of screws ideal for hanging cabinets:

  • T-STAR Plus Wafer Head – Designed for multi-material connections, they have a low profile, large diameter wafer head ideal for cabinet installation or in any multi-material job for which a countersunk head is not desired.

  • Cross Recess Wafer Head – Manufactured with a zinc coating, these fasteners are designed primarily for attaching thin wood panels to wood or MDF substrates.

Every contractor knows the role materials play in producing quality work. While it is possible to use all sorts of screws to hang cabinets, not every type of screw is up to the job. SPAX will always recommend screws well suited to the type of material cabinets are being affixed to, whether that is wood, concrete, or masonry.

We offer three options that should satisfy most cabinet hanging needs. With SPAX you get superior hold along with patented features no other fasteners offer.

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