Connections Matter Big Time in the Structural Trades
September 26, 2023

Connections Matter Big Time in the Structural Trades

It is normal for homeowners to think of fasteners as mere connections to keep pieces of wood in place. But as a professional in the structural trade, you know there is so much more to it than that. Connections matter big time to framing, roofing, and even the home's foundation. That's why you take your connection choices seriously.

You have plenty of options. You have nails, screws, joist hangers, rigid connectors, and even hurricane clips. We encourage you to check out SPAX products as an alternative to all of them. Our German engineered fasteners could replace most of the others you already use. As for why this is important, keep reading.

Maintaining Structural Stability

Right off the top, you understand that your connection choices directly influence the stability of your work. It is not just stability in the short term; it is also long-term stability. You don't want the work you have done to fall apart a year or two down the road.

The right fasteners provide the necessary structural support when used properly. But as you know, some types of fasteners don't work as well as others. That is why you need more of them to cover the same amount of space. SPAX fasteners are purposely engineered to reduce the total number of fasteners you need without compromising on strength, stability, or long-term hold.

Replacing Hurricane Clips with SPAX

Framing and truss installation in certain coastal areas needs to be done in accordance with building codes that account for severe storms. That means you are talking hurricane clips to maintain the connections between trusses and the top plate. Without some added strength at those connections, structural stability is compromised.

What if you could replace those clips with a fastener that works equally well but can be deployed in a fraction of the time? SPAX truss screws allow you to do just that. With our fasteners, you get a deeper connection and a stronger hold. But you also spend a lot less time making the truss-top plate connection.

Transferring Loads Throughout the Structure

The other reason connections are so important to the structural trade is that they transfer loads throughout the structure in question. As force bears down on a home's roof, for example, the energy from that force (a.k.a. the load) is distributed across the top plate, down into vertical beams, and eventually into the home's foundation.

If connections are not secure, loads aren't transferred as efficiently. Load isn't transferred at all when a connection is broken. Under such circumstances, extreme weather can have detrimental impacts on a home.

It goes without saying that you don't want your framing connections to break loose. You don't even want to entertain that possibility. Instead, you want everything you put in place to hold securely for the life of the house. That way, there are never any questions about load transfer.

The Best of Everything

SPAX can offer you the best of everything you appreciate about fasteners. Our engineered fasteners include features like patented serrations, a unique cut point, a patented multi-head, and advanced corrosion resistance. You get a superior fastener that goes in quickly and yet holds without compromise. You spend less time applying fasteners and more time making connections.

Every connection you make is critical to the finished product. Improve your work by making future connections with SPAX-engineered fasteners. Our fasteners offer the structural stability you need along with the confidence of knowing that secure connections will facilitate load distribution across the entire structure. Both you and your customers will be more satisfied with the results in the long run.

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