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June 14, 2023

Don’t Let Storage Issues Sink Your Summer Hobby

Summer + Outside = Toys! Especially when you live near water. One problem that arises is where does one keep and organize all said toys? Well if you're into kayaking these floatables definitely aren't something small you can just hideaway in any old corner.

Here's a quick and easy build to tuck away your vessels and make them easy to access when the water calls to you!

Big thanks to Rob Rein from Ginger Woodworks for sharing his kayak storage project with us and for using SPAX®! Here are some excerpts from his blog post that we hope will help you solve at least one of your summer storage stressors.

Kayak Storage complete

Building behind my shed had some limitations as my neighbors fence line is fairly close, leaving little room to work with. That being said, I decided to build face frames for each end of the Kayak rack.

Kayak Rack Construction

This allowed me to place each face frame at either side of the shed, and then assemble my Kayak rack in its permanent location.

Once the Face frames where complete I was able to run the 117 inch 2 by 4’s from one face frame to another. I used 4 runners on the top and the bottom and 3 in the two middle sections.

Kayak Rack Build

Materials List: 

(19) 2x4x10 Treated lumber boards 

(6) 10 foot deck boards, treated* 

(2) 1 lb box of SPAX® #10 x 3 1/2 inch exterior deck screws 

50 pack of Blue Kote Kreg Screws 

Cut List: Cut the 2×4’s as follows 

8 – 32 inches (horizontal beams for face frames) 

4 – 80 inches (vertical beams for face frames) 

3 – 34 inches ( joist support for roof) 

14 – 117 inches ( runners between face frames for frame/kayak support) 

*Deck Boards- leave at 10 feet

PC: Ginger Woodworks



Zero pre-drilling, saving time and hassle.

Shaped like an arrow, the four edges displace the wood fibers upon insertion and thus create space for the core diameter of the screw.

multi-material construction screws engineered for versatility

Multi-Material Flat Head Construction Fasteners

German engineered and American made, SPAX® Multi-Material Engineered Construction Fasteners are professional grade and designed to make strong connections - the first time.

Multi Material FH YZ Diagram
TSTA Rplus FH YZ Head Cutaway
T-STAR plus Drive

"The PRO's Choice" drive system provides superior bit engagement, eliminates camming out and facilitates overhead driving.

TSTA Rplus FH YZ Multi Head
Patented MULTI-Head

Countersinks screw head flush with material.

TSTA Rplus FH YZ Serrations
Patented Serrations

Allow for quicker, easier fastening.

Unique 4CUT™ Point

Prevents splitting and requires no pre-drilling in wood.

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