Dont Let Your Framing Work Be the Source of Customer Complaints 2
September 12, 2023

Don't Let Your Framing Work Be the Source of Customer Complaints

Home buyers spend a lot on new builds. They trust builders and subcontractors to do high-quality work that results in a home they can love and trust. Unfortunately, defects are part of the game in new home building. But as a framing contractor, your work doesn't have to be the source of either defects or customer complaints. Don't let it be.

You and your crew are among the first on the job at every residential site. You build the shell around which everything else will be constructed. So if you get it wrong, every other subcontractor will have problems. The end result could be a new build that the customer is terribly unsatisfied with.

We cannot help you with most of what you do. But we can help with fasteners. SPAX screws and fasteners are the right choice for framing work, especially in environments with severe weather conditions. Our fasteners are tested to ensure they can withstand the rigors of new home construction. Testing guarantees superior shear strength and structural integrity.

When Defects Are the Result of Framing

Needless to say that not all new home defects are the result of poor framing or low-quality materials. In fact, of the top 12 new home defects buyers complain about, only a couple are directly related to framing. Here are those top 12 complaints:

  1. Improper grading and drainage

  2. Concrete shrinking and cracking

  3. Separating wood floors

  4. Jobs left incomplete

  5. Overlooked painting

  6. Dirty HVAC systems

  7. Improper plumbing connections

  8. Poor appliance installation

  9. Improperly installed doors

  10. Wall and floor damage

  11. Improperly installed windows

  12. Improperly installed HVAC systems

As a framing contractor, the three items on this list you are most concerned with are separating floors, improperly installed windows, and improperly installed doors. All three can be directly related to what you and your framing crew do.

When framing isn't perfect, interior walls are out of alignment. Door frames might end up out of square while windows need to be shimmed extensively to make them level and square. As the house settles, all these issues result in one of the biggest annoyances to new homeowners: squeaks.

Your Fasteners Shouldn't Be an Issue

There are so many things that go into framing that it would be nearly impossible to address all of them in a single blog post. But since our focus is on fasteners, that's what matters most to us. Here is the most important thing you need to know from our perspective: your fasteners shouldn't be an issue for new home builds.

Proper framing requires proper tools. As far as fasteners are concerned, there is no better tool than SPAX engineered fasteners. Our fasteners offer several revolutionary design characteristics that make them superior to other brands. With SPAX, you get unmatched shear strength and structural integrity in a fastener that requires no pre-drilling.

For example, our patented multi-head breaks on metal, preventing the screw from stripping out the wood substrate. The end result is better long-term holding power.

Not only does our design lead to long-lasting strength and durability, but it also increases productivity by allowing your crew to drive fasteners as quickly as they can. Crew members spend less time preparing to fasten framing pieces and more time actually fastening them in place.

Do the Job Right

As a framing contractor, you are committed to doing the job right. We are right there with you. Though we can't help you hire your crew or source the best timber, we can help you where the proverbial rubber hits the road: your fasteners.

The finished job will only be as good as the fasteners you choose. Do not take any chances. Don't let your framing work be the source of customer complaints. Do it right with SPAX.

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