Log Homes Are Better When the Right Materials Are Used
November 21, 2023

Log Homes Are Better When the Right Materials Are Used

Log homes have been part of the American landscape since the first settlers arrived hundreds of years ago. They are still popular today, though for a variety of different reasons. We take the position that log homes are better when the right materials are used. It is like anything else in the construction industry. Better materials equal a better finished job.

SPAX engineered fasteners include the ideal screws for log home construction. For starters, we offer distinct types of fasteners for every job. We have fasteners for framing, rough carpentry, and finished carpentry. We have fasteners more than suitable for electrical, plumbing, and even masonry work. Most important is the fact that SPAX engineered fasteners, like our T-Star Washer Head Black Ecoat, are designed to go in easier while still providing superior hold. And when you're working with wood, our fasteners don't require any pre-drilling.

4 Reasons to Love Log Homes

We did a little online research to try to understand why Americans love their log homes. Needless to say that we found more than one reason. Log home owners report a variety of things that make them happy. Here are just four:

  1. Energy Efficiency – Natural wood has a built-in R-factor that makes it an ideal insulator. A properly designed and built log home can be more energy efficient than its traditional counterpart. Homeowners stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

  2. A Rustic Look – Log home owners tend to rave about the rustic look they enjoy day in and day out. They are inclined to be homeowners who prefer a more natural look and feel as opposed to something modern and daring. Log homes certainly fit the bill.

  3. The Natural Surroundings – Although one could technically build a log home in a suburban neighborhood, most log homes are situated in more rural environments. Homeowners seem to love that. They want a log home in the country because that is what appeals to them.

  4. A Good Investment – A well-built log home will last a long, long time. Building a log home means building a good investment for both the short and long term. Owners know they can pass their log homes on to the next generation who, in turn, can pass them along to the next.

There are as many reasons for appreciating log homes as there are people who own them. But from our perspective, a log home is only as good as the materials and construction that went into building it. That is where you come in. As a builder, you work hard to make sure your clients get exactly what they want: beautiful log homes that are built to last.

Everything Should Match the Wood

Log home construction is all about the wood, right? What homeowners see when all is said and done are the logs that make up the main part of the structure. And because you go out of your way to make sure that only the finest wood goes into each of your homes, shouldn't everything else match that wood?

Top-notch timber should be held together by top-notch fasteners. Each type of fastener your work crew utilizes needs to be appropriate to the task at hand. No worries when you choose SPAX engineered fasteners for your log home. We have the right fastener for every job. And every SPAX fastener is engineered to hold tightly and do so for a long time.

Log homes are a fantastic option for people who prefer a rustic home in a rural environment. Just remember this: even the best log home is made better when you use the right materials. Do not skimp on anything, including your fasteners.

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