Tips for Ensuring a Proper New Entry Door Installation
March 12, 2024

Tips for Ensuring a Proper New Entry Door Installation

An entry door is more than just a transitional space between exterior and interior. It also plays a role in home security, curb appeal, and property value. Installing a new entry door should not be taken lightly. An installer should be just as serious about the entry door as he would be with plumbing or electrical.

Entry door installation is a little bit different on new builds as opposed to existing homes. But all the basic principles still apply. The one thing common to every entry door installation is that doing it right requires combining high-quality materials with proven construction standards. Compromise on either and you'll end up with less than the best results.

1. Preparation Goes a Long Way

It goes without saying that preparation is key to a proper installation. It is key to ensuring that the door is installed the right way the first time. It includes everything from gathering your tools and materials to protecting the workspace. If you are working on an existing home with an old door you need to remove, be incredibly careful about what you do.

On an existing home, do not attempt to save the current door jambs. In fact, don't try to save any portion of the old frame. Take everything down to the rough opening just as if you were working on new construction. Installing a new door with new jambs into the rough opening will help ensure a proper fit.

2. Measuring and Fitting the Door

Fitting a new entry door into a rough opening starts with measurements. You will be measuring the height, width, and depth of the frame in relation to the rough opening. As they say, measure twice and cut once. Here though, you want to make sure you have accurate measurements as you will also need this information to orde the correctly sized jambs.

Do yourself a favor and fit the new door before you make any moves to attach it. With the door in the rough opening, check to make sure you have adequate clearance all the way around. Inspect the door, making sure that it will open and close freely.

Now that you know the door fits properly, start the installation: be absolutely sure to square and plumb the door. If the entry door is not plumbed and squared, you are going to run into problems down the road. At some point the door will not close properly because it will not sit properly in the frame.

3. Use the Right Fasteners

The right fasteners can make or break the job. Fortunately, SPAX has exactly what you need. Our T-STAR Plus Flat Head HCR-X™ screws are ideal for exterior installations. To attach hinges to studs, consider T-STAR Plus Flat Head Yellow Zinc & HCR-X™ screws. Its patented MULTI-Head featur ewill break automatically in contact with the metal hinges and strike, reducing the chances for stripping out the screw hole. And for interior and exterior trim, we offer T-STAR Plus Trim Head White HCR® partial and double thread fasteners in multiple sizes.

You can click here for our illustrated guide to choosing fasteners for entry door installation. The guide includes fastener recommendations along with a fully labeled diagram of a typical entryway. You should find it extremely helpful.

Ensuring a proper entry door installation is a combination of preparation, measuring and fitting, and choosing the right fasteners to ensure a tight fit. Preparation and measurements are your area of expertise, fasteners are where SPAX excels. If you are looking for a strong entry door hinge screw or fastener that goes in quickly and offers superior hold at every contact point, SPAX is your brand. Our fasteners are ideal for new entry door installations for both existing homes and new builds.

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