T-STAR plus Flat Head Yellow Zinc, Partial Thread - Multi-Purpose Structural Screws

A multi-purpose structural screw with functional qualities that let you drive faster, install easier, and reduce splitting wood. The T-STAR plus Flat Head has a patented MULTIhead that countersinks the screw head flush in wood. The exclusive T-STAR plus Drive offers superior bit engagement to prevent stripping and damaging your screw. Choose a structural screw that performs better than the rest, buy T-STAR plus Flat Head Yellow Zinc, Partial Thread screws in bulk from wholesalers, dealers, and specialty distributers or in project-appropriate package sizes at retail hardware and home improvement stores.

Base Part No.: 019102() and 419102()

SPAX® T-STAR Plus Drive Fastener

  • Heat treated to Grade-5 durability gives our screws greater strength and reduces breakage
  • Patented thread serration technology reduces driving torque to prolong power tool battery life
  • Unique 4CUT™ Point requires no pre-drilling in wood and prevents wood splitting

Whether you’re working with wood, concrete, masonry, sheet metal, or plastic, use SPAX Multi-Purpose Construction Screws for a wide range of interior applications in multiple materials. Request a sample pack of SPAX Multi-Purpose Construction Screws today and build strong connections on the job site.

For CAD documents, please see Technical Documents.

SizeDrive/Bit SizeThreadAvailable Pkg. Options
Sm. PlasticLg. Plastic1 lb. Box3 lb. Box5 lb. BoxPer PieceContractor PackBulk PailProject PAX
#8 x 1-1/4"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial302401000
#8 x 1-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial251971000
#8 x 2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial20161465500
#8 x 2-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial20133375618500
#9 x 2-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial116500
#9 x 3-1/4"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial89200
#10 x 1-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial15133500
#10 x 2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial12107500
#10 x 2-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial1087500
#10 x 3"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial1672200322200
#10 x 3-1/2"T-20 T-Star PlusPartial57200
#14 x 3-1/2"T-30 T-Star PlusPartial10100
#14 x 4"T-30 T-Star PlusPartial8100
#14 x 4-3/4"T-30 T-Star PlusPartial8100
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