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Sturdy and Dependable - SPAX for the Cabinet Install Win!

We're told time and time again how superior our cabinet screws are by the professionals. From the strength, ease of use and esthetics SPAX® is quickly becoming the fastener of choice by cabinet makers and installers alike!

So we're always humbled and thrilled when a company, contractor or DIY'er is so happy with SPAX® they feel the need to write a post or even an article about our products!

Cabinets Direct recently published an article on the advantages of using SPAX® and we couldn't agree more.

T-STAR plus Wafer Head

The low-profile wafer head design provides a larger surface area and aesthetically clean look for the reliable installation of fine cabinetry. This is a great choice when a greater clamping force is desired. Exclusive T-STAR plus drive offers superior bit fit to eliminate camming out.

To read the Cabinets Direct full article click here.

We hope that the next time you're looking for fasteners for your cabinets, decking, framing or other project you'll give SPAX® a try!

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