When a Lag Screw Isnt Just Another Kind of Screw
October 31, 2023

When a Lag Screw Isn't Just Another Kind of Screw

Lag screws are just one of many different types of fasteners used in the construction trades. Also known as lag bolts, they are designed to be heavy-duty fasteners capable of handling significant loads. But not all lag screws are created equally. Take SPAX PowerLags. They aren't just another kind of screw.

SPAX fasteners are purposely engineered to be different. They are tested under the toughest conditions to prove structural integrity. They are corrosion and breakage resistant and fully code compliant. SPAX PowerLags are no exception. We believe they are the absolute best you can get in a lag screw.

Screws for Heavy Lumber

PowerLags are ideal for heavy lumber and other materials that will be under significant load. As with other types of lag screws, you are getting a full-bodied screw with a fast start point and a thread design engineered to hold.

Our lag screws are considered structural screws due to their design. They meet the highest engineering standards and are ideal for building decks, framing structures, fastening lumber to masonry, and other heavy-duty applications.

PowerLags make outdoor decks stronger and more durable. They make framing more secure. Best of all, you save time by not having to pre-drill like you would with typical wood screws. You can drive SPAX PowerLags directly through lumber on-the-fly.

Different Lengths, Diameters, and Heads

SPAX also goes the extra mile by offering our lag screws in a variety of lengths, diameters, and heads. That way, you can choose the perfect fastener for the job. Where heads are concerned, that may be the most important choice of all. SPAX PowerLags are available with:

  • Hex heads.

  • Standard T-Star heads.

  • T-Star cylindrical heads.

  • T-Star pancake heads.

  • T-Star washer heads.

We give you enough choices that you'll be able to find the right lag for every application. If you ever run across a situation for which you're not sure about the best option, you can always ask your SPAX representative.

Engineered Fasteners You Can Trust

Given the fact that lag screws are deployed for the toughest work in the construction trades, it's imperative that you have access to fasters you can trust. That's exactly what you get from SPAX. All our engineered fasteners feature:

  • Engineered heads that prevent camming out.

  • A proprietary coding to prevent corrosion.

  • Patented thread serrations for faster installation.

  • A unique gimlet point that eliminates the need to pre-drill.

  • Compliance with all IRC/IBC codes.

SPAX PowerLags are the ideal replacement for conventional lag screws in nearly every application. We recommend them for:

  • Heavy carpentry.

  • Treated lumber.

  • Deck ledger attachments.

  • LVL beam installations.

  • Girder trusses.

Thanks to our no pre-drill design and increased driving torque, you can use fewer lag screws on every job while still getting superior holding strength and durability. We are confident in saying that our PowerLags are unlike any other lag screw in the industry.

Get a Free Product Sample

We are so confident in the quality of our engineered fasteners that we offer new customers a sample kit for the asking. Don't take our word for it. Do not assume that everything we say about SPAX engineered fasteners is true. Try them out for yourself. We are confident you will be impressed.

We aren't messing around here at SPAX. Our made-in-America engineered fasteners are the only brand of fasteners you'll ever need once you make the switch. Needless to say that our PowerLag isn't just another kind of screw on your long list of choices. It is the best lag for each and every job requiring superior connections to carry heavy loads.

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