How to Choose the Right Composite Deck Screws

Whether you’re a custom decking contractor or a long-time home addition pro, you already know that materials can make the difference between an ordinary deck and a show stopping backyard space. While your customer may only be thinking about composite deck board colors and grain, you know the right composite decking fasteners can play a starring role all their own.

Choosing screws for composite decking may seem like a simple task, but your choice of fastener may be one of the most significant decisions you make when building a deck. The size, composition and style of the composite decking fasteners you select can have a significant impact on how safe, durable, structurally stable and beautiful your next decking project is.

Why you need composite deck screws

While it is possible to use traditional wood deck screws when installing composite boards, it's best to use specialized composite screws. They feature better weather- and corrosion-resistance than ordinary wood screws. If you are installing boards with hidden fasteners, you have more options to choose from. Just make sure that the head size of your screw is large enough to secure the hidden fastener but not so wide that it prevents proper gapping between the boards.

When installing through the face of the deck board, however, screws made specifically for composite decks are the best choice. The typical large heads of wood deck screws can pop out when composite deck boards naturally contract. This may not only cause safety hazards, but it creates aesthetic issues for your clients as well. Other screws can also create an unsightly bulge of plastic around the head because plastic isn’t milled as effectively as wood for a clean, flush finish.

If you select specially engineered composite decking screws instead, you’ll experience the following benefits:

  • Trim head and special shank designs that help prevent cracking or splitting
  • Special threads to manage the plastic shavings from composite decking
  • Countersinking for a clean, flush finish
  • Superior weather and water resistance comparable to composite deck boards


Why choose SPAX screws for composite decking

When it comes to composite decking fasteners, SPAX’s engineered composite deck screws promise not only exceptional holding power but a picture-perfect finish in seven colors. Our color-match composite deck screws offer a host of other features as well that will save you time and provide your clients a deck of enduring structural integrity and beauty:

  • A unique T20 T-STAR drive for positive bit engagement
  • An undercut head to prevent composite deck boards from mushrooming while offering a clean, flush finish
  • A reverse upper thread to sweep away excess material for a smoother drive
  • A Type 17 Double Slash Point for a quick-drill start that prevents splitting
  • A tri-lobe shank to further prevent cracking or splitting of deck boards

SPAX composite decking screws also feature the ideal fastener length for use with standard 1" and 2" nominal thickness boards.

Engineered with HCR high-corrosion-resistant, double-barrier coating, T-Star uppercut head composite decking screws will hold up under the harshest conditions and are IRC/IBC Code compliant for exterior exposure condition 3 for general construction.


Meet your match

Whether your clients’ decks feature composite boards from Trex, Fiberon, TimberTech or other manufacturers, SPAX has the color match for your project. From earth tones to coastal hues, SPAX’s seven shades of composite decking fasteners complement a wide array of color schemes:

  • Dark brown
  • Java
  • Sand
  • Pebble
  • Slate
  • Dark Gray
  • Gray

SPAX also offers an online service to help you find your color match based on your deck board manufacturer, series name and board color. From there, you can select job-ready packs of composite deck screws, available in bulk pails or in project-friendly package quantities, bit included.

With color-match composite deck screws, you can ensure long-lasting beauty and structural integrity for every deck you build. Learn more about composite decking fasteners from SPAX in this short video. Or order a sample pack featuring all seven colors of our industry-leading coated composite decks screws.

Ready to get started? Find a seller of SPAX composite decking fasteners near you.