NEW Expanded Offering for Your Cabinet and Construction Needs

Great news! SPAX has added additional screw lengths to our catalog of engineered fasteners and high-performance construction and cabinet screws. Base or Wall cabinets? Bookcases or storage units? SPAX has the right screw for any installation application, including standard lumber, MDF, or hardwoods.

SPAX cabinet and construction screws are sold by a variety of home improvement stores, lumberyards and building material dealers, find where you can buy SPAX engineered fasteners.


T-Star plus drive low-profile wafer head screws are designed for the installation of base and wall cabinets. Available in HCR-X™ and yellow zinc coatings, the T-Star plus Wafer Head screws [ LINK TO ] have an attractive larger surface area for drawdown where a flush or countersunk installation is not necessary or desired and to securely attach cabinetry. Available in #8 and #10 sizes and in lengths from 1-1/4" to 3". T20 drive.

  • Low-profile head design is ideal for the installation of fine cabinetry
  • Wider head design offers an increased surface area for drawdown where a flush or countersunk installation is not necessary or desired. For more information about SPAX T-star plus wafer head cabinet screws, check out the SPAX® Screw Finder.


SPAX® POWERTRIM™ fasteners are designed to effectively attach lightweight, high-density polyurethane trim and secure medium density fiberboard (MDF) and hardwoods.

  • Unique CUT Point and patented thread serrations prevent splitting without pre-drilling
  • T-STAR plus drive provides superior bit engagement
  • Mini flat head design with cutting ribs under the head allows flush or countersunk installation for a clean look

Find SPAX special-purpose screws for the best finishing trim applications and attachments.

Rear Panel Screws

SPAX® Cross Recess Wafer Head Screws were designed for attaching back panels to bookcases, storage units, and cabinets without deforming or damaging the panel.

  • Low-profile wafer head design provides a larger surface area to prevent damage to the panel
  • SPAX patented thread serrations and unique 4CUT™ Point require no pre-drilling and prevent splitting

SPAX German-engineered, American-made engineered fasteners provide uncommon solutions for unmatched performance. Whether you’re a DYI-er or a professional contractor, request a sample pack to experience the professional-grade quality of SPAX specialty screws. Choose SPAX to Amplify Your Craft™.