Why Do Your Customers Love Their Pergolas
October 17, 2023

Why Do Your Customers Love Their Pergolas?

One of the things we focus a lot on here at SPAX is outdoor living. Our engineered fasteners are ideal for all sorts of outdoor construction products including sheds, decks, and even pergolas. As a home contractor, how often do you build pergolas for your customers? More importantly, why are pergolas so popular?

We are guessing that your customers love the pergolas you have built for them. A pergola is a unique type of outdoor structure unlike just about anything else. A pergola is both aesthetically interesting and functional at the same time. We can think of lots of reasons to install one.

It goes without saying that an installation built to last requires the best possible materials and craftsmanship. You handle the craftsmanship while we help with the materials by way of SPAX-engineered fasteners and screws. Our fasteners are engineered to be code compliant, corrosion and break resistant, and superior in terms of holding power. You can also save time by using fewer fasteners and not having to pre-drill.

The Benefits of a Pergola

So why do your customers love their pergolas? There are probably as many reasons as there are homeowners who have them. Let us look at just some of the reasons people have them installed:

  • Additional Shade – Despite the pergola's partially open design, it actually does quite a bit to protect against intense sunshine. A well-designed pergola creates partial shade by interrupting light as it shines on the back deck or patio.

  • More Usable Space – Providing partial shade could mean creating more usable space in the back yard. Now that deck or patio isn't off-limits during the dog days of summer.

  • Aesthetic Beauty – To some homeowners, there isn't a more visually appealing structure for the back yard than a pergola. It is a personal preference thing. Some people just love what pergolas look like.

  • Increased Value – A well-designed and properly installed pergola can actually add to a home's value. Buyers looking for usable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces might be convinced to make an offer because they find a pergola in the back yard.

  • Integration with Plants – Some pergola owners use the structures to hang all sorts of potted plants. Others plant vines and allow them to overtake the structures. In either case, a pergola can be a strong and stable structure to support your favorite plants.

There are certainly more reasons homeowners choose to have pergolas installed. The point is that these outdoor structures are pretty popular. As a contractor who builds them, you know that even the most hesitant homeowners fall in love with their pergolas after installation.

Give Them What They Want

Your job as a contractor is to give your customers what they want. And when that includes a pergola, your goal is to give them something that is aesthetically pleasing but structurally sound. You want to build a pergola that will withstand the elements; a structure that will stand the test of time year in and year out.

Never forget that your choice of building materials matters. Where fasteners are concerned, don't compromise. Do not take the easy way out by buying the cheapest, most generic fasteners you can get your hands on. Choose SPAX engineered fasteners and screws for superior holding performance.

With SPAX, you will save time by not having to pre-drill. You will save money by having to use fewer fasteners on all your pergola projects. And in the end, you will be left with a strong and stable structure with connections that will not easily separate. Your customers will be happy and so will you. What more could you ask?

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