T-Star Washer Head HCR® PowerLags®


SPAX® PowerLags® offer the largest selection of code-recognized structural wood-to-wood fasteners in the industry. Featuring SPAX® patented thread technology, they require no pre-drilling, and drive faster and easier than conventional lags and other structural lag screws. HCR® high corrosion resistant coating option for use in interior or exterior applications, including treated lumber.

  • No pre-drilling required (1/4" and 5/16")
  • Grade 5 durability
  • Code listings ICC-ES ESR-1782
  • DrJ Technical Evaluation Reports (TER No. 1711-01; Deck Ledger Attachment and TER No. 1802-03; Multi-ply; LVL Beams and Girder Truss Applications)
  • Patented thread serrations require up to 40% less driving torque to increase installation speed while helping prevent cracking in logs
  • Built-on washer head designs eliminate the need and extra cost of a separate washer
  • Fastener length stamp on the head provides convenient identification without measuring and aids on-site inspections
  • Sold in job-friendly package quantities, including bulk pails (T-Star driver bit included)

T-Star Washer Head
The low-profile, large diameter head design provides outstanding clamping force and improved aesthetics. Deep T-Star drive offers excellent bit engagement without requiring a “special” driver bit. Available in ¼”, 5/16”, and 3/8” diameters, and in lengths up to 10”.

Base Part No.: 358182() or 458182()  

For CAD documents, please see Technical Documents.

SizeDrive/Bit SizeThreadAvailable Pkg. Options
Sm. PlasticLg. Plastic1 lb. Box3 lb. Box5 lb. BoxPer PieceContractor PackBulk PailProject PAX
1/4" x 2-1/2"T-30Partial1+5050012
1/4" x 3"T-30Partial1+5050012
1/4" x 3-1/2"T-30Partial5050012
1/4" x 4"T-30Partial1+5050012
1/4" x 4-1/2"T-30Partial1+5050012
1/4" x 5"T-30Partial1+5050012
1/4" x 6"T-30Partial1+5050012
5/16" x 3"T-40Partial1+5025012
5/16" x 3-1/2"T-40Partial1+5025012
5/16" x 4"T-40Partial1+5025012
5/16" x 4-1/2"T-40Partial1+5025012
5/16" x 5"T-40Partial1+5025012
5/16" x 6"T-40Partial1+5025012
5/16" x 6-3/4"T-40Partial50250
5/16" x 8"T-40Partial1+5015012
5/16" x 10"T-40Partial1+5015012
5/16" x 12"T-40Partial1+50150
3/8" x 5"T-50Partial1+2515012
3/8" x 6"T-50Partial1+2515012
3/8" x 8"T-50Partial1+150
3/8" x 10"T-50Partial1+150
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