You’re on Deck!

Decks are the living rooms of our summer. We entertain, relax and dine in this space every chance we get to enjoy the outdoors at its finest. So the process of creating said space, whether it be for you or a customer, is a detailed and laborious one. You want to make sure that you and your crew are doing everything to ensure beauty, strength and integrity.

Top-Down Deck Framing Extreme How To Magazine Cover Photo

In Extreme How To Magazine, Mark Clement’s article, “Top-Down Deck Framing”, dives into all the ins-and-outs and every aspect of a deck build using SPAX® fasteners of course!

Mark uses a variety of structural and wood screws, including:

Watch Mark Clement Build a Deck Frame

When it’s time to build a deck, request a SPAX® screw sample or find where you can buy SPAX® products at a retail home improvement store or lumber and building material dealer near you.