Are Your Building Materials Up for the Weather
August 29, 2023

Are Your Building Materials Up for the Weather?

As a contractor who specializes in outdoor projects, you need to be up for the weather. You need to be able to work in all sorts of conditions to get the job done. Are your materials as up for the weather as you are? If not, you could be left producing work your customers could decide isn't up to par.
Everything from wind to rain and blistering sun has an impact on building materials. Temperature changes from one day to the next can also be pretty damaging. Limiting weather-related damage is a combination of choosing the right building materials and knowing how to use them properly.

SPAX screws and fasteners have been engineered for outdoor projects. Our fasteners are climate tested to guarantee they can withstand the natural environment wherever you build. They also offer advanced coatings designed to provide long-lasting durability year after year.

How Wind Affects Outdoor Work

Wind is a big issue for outdoor construction projects. It does two things: it lifts materials in place and pushes them out (a.k.a., racking). While uplifting and racking are serious issues affecting house framing, they can also affect everything from decks to tool sheds.

Strong fasteners placed in just the right positions can reduce uplifting and racking significantly. But those fasteners need to hold – not only for a few months after construction, but for years thereafter. SPAX fasteners are engineered to do just that.

How Water Affects Outdoor Work

Water is such a normal part of daily life that we often fail to recognize its destructive capacity. Both new homes and separate outgo projects are incredibly vulnerable to water damage, especially in environments where heavy annual precipitation is normal.

Two of the biggest issues with water are material expansion and contraction. Materials like wood and concrete expand as they absorb water. As they dry out, they may lose their shape. Wood tends to separate while concrete often cracks.

Materials fastened with SPAX engineered screws and fasteners are less likely to shift as a result of water damage. You are less likely to end up with gaps between decking planks or separated walls in a tool shed. The structural integrity of that pergola isn't likely to be affected by water, at least where your fasteners are concerned.

How Temperature Affects Outdoor Work

Most of us typically appreciate the sun more than rain or snow. But as you probably know, bright sunshine accompanied by high heat can do a number on outdoor building projects. Wood can dry out and rot. Roofing materials wear out more quickly. Even some fasteners don't do well in the heat.

Unfortunately, colder temperatures aren't that much kinder. When things get cold enough to freeze, building materials are stressed to the limit. Making matters worse are repeated freeze-thaw cycles that can put poor craftsmanship to the test.

Once again, SPAX fasteners are engineered and tested to ensure they can withstand both heat and cold. They go in easily, hold firmly, and provide years of reliable service. Best of all, they are also engineered to be easy to use.

Fastening Without Drilling

The patented SPAX design needs fasteners that don't need to be pre-drilled prior to installation. Just place materials appropriately and drive in the fasteners. There is no need to worry about splitting, either. Our patented design reduces wood splitting significantly.

With SPAX screws and fasteners, your outdoor projects are completed more quickly and without any loss of quality. You get fasteners that are engineered for long-term strength, increased productivity, and durability in all weather conditions.

Do not choose anything less than SPAX quality for your future outdoor projects. We test our fasteners beyond the norm to guarantee they deliver exceptional structural support. Buy less, do more, and turn happy customers into repeat customers who rely on you for quality work.

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